Eggcup Corner 18472

Welcome to all collectors of one of the most interesting collectibles.
Eggcups, of course !!!
Hi, my name is Kay Widdup from Australia, I have been collecting for
about 6 years and it all started when my son suggested that I collect something,
as I was tagging along to the flea markets, boot sales and collectors fairs.
I thought of salt and pepper shakers, but there was too many different types.
Paul, my son said eggcups were really nice, but try to stick to one type,
so that was it, I decided on only novelty eggcups in mint condition.
From then on it was collectors fairs, boot sales, Antique shops, actually anywhere
that could have Eggcups, I have over 500 and only 5 have slight damage due to the
rarity of the type E.g.: Disney.

So, below you can click on any link as I have scanned over 100 pictures
and allot more to come. As I appreciate you looking at my site, I would appreciate any feedback.
Please click the link to email me to chat or comment !!!!!

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Black Eggcups(my favorite),   Disney,  Popeye & SOOTY eggcups !!!  (a few nice ones),

 Dogs &  Cats (English & Japanese),  Elephants (nice lustre Japanese and English)

Nursery Rhymes  (including Bonzo & Olloo the cat),  Ducks, Roosters and animals!!!

 Australian Animals (Kookaburra's, Lyrebird, Kingfisher, Kangaroo & Koala's)

Easter Eggcups (animals, these are larger than usual) More to come (won't be long)

More to come (won't be long)

The pictures that I have taken for you to see are just one of each type
I do have colour variations, espevially in the English Keele Street Pottery
and the Longton Potteries.
I am always changing and adding "NEW" pictures so be sure to bookmark this
page for future viewing.
Also I will  "TRADE" with you if you have spares, just email me the photos

Some of my favourite links below (my family)

Bottle Opener collecting
DOUBLEP coin sales


This page was started in late June of the year 2000